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Chemicals & Petrochemicals
Oil & Gas, LPG / LNG
Materials Handling Systems
Power Projects
Water Treatment & Supply
Ferrous Metallurgy
Non-Ferrous Metals
Environmental Engineering
Mint & Note Presses
Ports & Harbour
Architecture & Town Planning
Defence Projects
Roads & Highways
Ocean Engineering  
Beside the unlimited facilities at our disposal from our technical partners, other facilities within Nigeria are available to us. ..Read more
::| Overview
Logitrade Engineering Limited was formed and registered in Nigeria and intends to be a frontline engineering, consultancy and contracting organization. It is involved in trade in engineering materials. It is a multidisciplinary firm with over thirty top-flight engineers, technologists and other professionals, with diverse and in depth experiences of over twenty five years in their various fields. ...Read more
To provide world-wide class services to our numerous clients, making use of highly motivated staff and up-to-date, environmental-friendly technology thereby giving satisfaction to all stakeholders.
An active participant in Nigeria’s march towards technological and industrial equality with the developed world
Our Experience
Logitrade Engineering has harnessed the awesome technological capabilities in Nigeria, e.g. in Local Partners, where a selected team whose experiences have been brought to bear on Logitrade Engineering. The highly motivated principal professionals, ... Read More